Looking for a Champion

I spent another day of my life working on the Comox Valley Sustainability Strategy and found it re-invigorating to be working with such passionate caring people! It was great to be working with local government staff that for the first time participated with us throughout the day.

When the elected officials joined us at the end of the day, the mood changed dramatically. If you are at all able to read faces and listen between the lines, it becomes very clear that government is very leery of the work that is being done. Is the voting public on board with this strategy? This is a valid question for a politician as their career depends on getting the votes through our very lame and dysfunctional election process where popularity and a low tax platform win out over vision and substance.

The politicians all thanked us for our efforts, but none made any kind of commitment to take our work and make it theirs. I would have so much liked to see even just one of them throw their entire weight behind this project, taking on the Sustainability Champion role, working to swing the general population in line with their thinking like a strong leader should, and working within their ranks to change the minds of other elected officials not yet convinced. One of them must be able to see that the leader of the political Sustainability movement would have the vote of the entire grass roots populace and a guaranteed seat every election.

Where oh where are you Champion? Please rise up to the challenge!

Tom Dishlevoy, Architecture in Balance

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