WTF!!! That’s a lot of gas for a little CAR!

WTF!!! I just pre-approved my credit card for $50 to fill up my little Fiat 500 and the pump stopped before the tank was full!! Are you kidding me? Must be the summer fuel prices again. What does it cost to fill a 3/4 ton pick-up these days?

Who wants to join me and put an end to this extortion by designing and lobbying for more compact communities where walking and cycling is actually a real option? Smaller & denser, complete communities are the answer, where using painted bike lanes to commute or to go visiting another community is a choice, not a requirement of simply existing.Image

So, I am thinking about starting to host design “salons” in my office design theatre for all those interested in creating the built environment of their future, or at least generating ideas about what they would like to see the developers and investors and newcomers to the Comox Valley consider when planning their projects.  Some early ideas for session themes are:

  • The new hospital precinct – what should the area around the new Hospital be like?  Some would argue that is should be located at the center of an efficiently engineered freeway system while others see an opportunity to leverage this huge investment to created a wonderful, liveable and walkable community.
  • Healthy Main Streets – Comox, Courtenay and Cumberland – what are the factors and conditions that contribute to the health of Main Streets in towns.  How can we fix the problem issues?

Let me know if you are interested at and I will start a list.

3 thoughts on “WTF!!! That’s a lot of gas for a little CAR!”

  1. I have a head full of ideas but they don’t paint a complete picture in large scale that’s why I like seeing your ideas. I think it would great to have a place to show some of my ideas.

  2. Thanks Tom – I would love to be included. You will soon be aware that the Farmers Market if going ahead with a downtown COurtenay location for Wednesday markets this year. It is high time the people and their food start getting closer together in my opinion.Cheers, Ann

    Date: Fri, 10 May 2013 20:41:32 +0000 To:

  3. Hi Tom, I accidentally came across your article when trying in vain to find the name of one of the planners in the City of Courtenay! I saw your article about the Fiat (and the article on the new Olympic Sized Hospital for the Comox Valley – you think the Valley has problems, you should read up on the issues surrounding Montreal’s Super Hospital!) and was wondering how you like the car to drive. Does its funky design come with its usual “feel for the road” that the old fiat spyders had? Odd being on a sustainability website but asking a car related question! But forgive me – I’ve had my eye on these cars since they first came out! Best regards, Tom

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