Tough, Frustrating Times to be a Consultant.

Had coffee today with a consultant. Another stopped by my offices to chat. I have spoken with at least half a dozen architects and engineers in the past week or so. Each time the conversation quickly degenerates into a bitching session about, well, lets just say, many things! I wonder about how nice it would be to chat about how GREAT all of our current project work was!


I watched a DVD last night, for the first time in a while.  Ya, I know eh!  Not Netflix or Apple TV.  Like I was back in the dark ages.  Surprised the old DVD player was still connected.  Anyways, I mention this because when I was done watching the film, I “clicked” on the Directors Interview on the making of the film.  I was engrossed for over 45 minutes as the discusssion described the overall fun, and satisfaction, that they had while making the movie.  There were the highs and the lows, the challenges overcome and the shear delight in the unexpected surpirses that occurred.  They joyously shared, sometimes sarcastically, the challenges of all the locations for the shoots and the logistics of simply getting the permissions. The laughed respectfully while discussing the unique personalities of all the various actors over a period of months.  By the end of the interview, I thought, “Man do I want to be a part of something like that!”  Even if only the caterer’s dishwasher, of driver for George Clooney for 10 minutes, you get the impression that there was total buy in from everyone; from the money investor guys all the way down to the team that shovelled for 15 hours to clean snow out of a back alley in New York City so they could keep shooting on that particular location.  I thought about what an interview with me would be like at the end of one of my projects.  Hmmm?


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