The Canadian Forces Snowbirds: Celebrating Aviation and Family

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April 2016 – It is that time of year when the Canadian Forces “Snowbirds” demonstration team come to prepare for their upcoming airshow season with 2 weeks of 2 per day practices in the skies over our diverse landscape.  I am told that the Comox Valley gives them a chance to practice over most of the land and water forms that they will experience during their extensive performance schedule.  This 2 week period is particularly special to one resident of the Comox Valley, my father, Roy W. Dishlevoy.  His relationship to the CL-41 Tutor Jet that Snowbirds fly is unique, and very personal.  When you watch him, old neck muscles craned skyward, it is hard to imagine what is going through his mind as the team rolls directly above Air Force Beach, the best seat you will ever get to watch the performance.  Dad, and a number of our family friends that I can remember when growing up, were pretty much responsible for the creation of this aircraft, way back in the good old days.  It is fun watching him walk up to one of the team at an airshow and start chatting with a young pilot that is old enough to be his grandson.  Enough from me.  The following article was written by my father back in 2007 for the CAHS publication, which is pretty much impossible to get to see.

Dads Snowbird Article from CAHS Spring 2007

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